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DW - great show. these guys filled the room with thier musicianship. and then bringing John The Cat Gatto out for a mini Good Rats show just kept me smiling. thanks for the invite

DL - Thank you for sharing what an awesome night of great Music.

TH - What a blast Shepstock 2015. Great fun, great people, great music. Marty and some of these folks have been playing music together for 35 years! We will be back next year!

TLK: Wonderful. Congrads!!!!!

FSR: Great time, great to see so many old friends.

KL: You guys were awesome!

CPS: Great show! So much fun!

DL: Unbelievable evening of Music for a great cause... from the beginning of the evening get till the end.

KL: Great job last night, Stephen. Music was incredible!

LN: Great show

NPP: Great show

DJ: Enjoying Shepstock very much, and they just started Dark Side of The Moon, so life is pretty cool right now!!!

KL: Nice job last night. Drums and drummer sounded great (as did everyone else)!

LY: To All My Friends from the Old Neighborhood... Great to see you at Shepstock last night! Kathy Much Love my friend !! Evan makes me jealous GREAT ! ! Drummer ! Janet Elizabeth, Janeen,Richard, Marty. Paul, Stephen, ...I can go on and on!! Great Show , Great Cause ! GREAT Seeing you guys and Rock on..!! Piera Loved the performance ! Too

DOJ: Wow ..... Just WOW !!


KAMW: night hearing great music and seeing old friends!

DW: great show for a great cause.

JS: Another fabulous Shepstock!!!!!

KSS: Awesome night!

KSS: Great Show, Great Cause, Great Time

PD: Congratulations to Kathy, Marty, and the entire Shepstock production team!

AP: Nice Drum Sounds M... Real Nice!!! Nice kit Marty!

DL: What an Awesome Evening of Music. Thank you.... A Wonderful Fundraiser...with E MacP, E C-M, KK, SJB, LBT and Fabulous Fans who came out to support the Awareness for Alterative Cancer treatment

. DJ: Great show last night

SJB: The show was so great!

ECM: Had a wonderful night with wonderful friends...great to see George (Haviland) and Paul (Hersheit) not the Beatles even though they could sing like them....amazing music.....

LBT: Supporting Shepstock 2015..fundraising for cures for cancer....when we find the cure I probably will not have hearing!! Stage front with DL!!

DL: should all be with us at shepstock tonight....

IFP: awesome show great night

JS: What a show!!!!

LJ: Awesome

EP: This was a great show. Stairway to Heaven showcased some wonderful new talent.

LY: Awesome show ! lastnight

DL: what an awesome night of great Music. Wonderful fundraiser.

SJ: Great night!

JBR: She (Joan Gardner) was unbelievable!!!!!

KL: What a great night! Music sounded tremendous and everything was choreographed so well...great job,...and Evan is fantastic!

BA: We wanted more Dark Side of the Moon & we were loving every minute of each song! Couldn't get enough! Can't wait till next year! What a fabulous night!

LY: Mesmerizing!

BA: If you guys didn't make it to Shepstock 2015 you missed a hell of a show!

DL: Awesome Evening……Can't wait till next year's Shepstock.. thanks for your time for the cause

JR: Last night show was GREAT…..we will see u guys again

BF: It was a blast. Great performances! Congrats.

SB: You Rock!


OH - It was great! Album sides from Aqualung, Abbey Road, and of course the entire Dark Side of the Moon. They also did a nice tribute to Peppi Marchello of The Good Rats with "Songwriter". An awesome night indeed!

RM: SHEPSTOCK 2014-What a tremendous performance!!!

JS: Another spectacular event!! You guys just get better and better every year!!! And Evan was terrific!

It's happening!!! Shepstock 2014-- TPM rockin the house! And I mean rockin!!!!!

AR: Great job tonight on Abby Road Paul!

SC: Excellent!

KL: Aqualung, my friend...great job

AP: Great show!!!

TK: Thanks to Peyote & TPM for a great night of music & reunion with old friends. Great show!

KH: Had a great time last night with my daughter E…. at the show! TPM and Peyote were amazing. EH and I both thought the whole show was amazing. The Dark Side of the Moon performance was spot on in detail and accuracy! Was first time seeing Marty Mandell perform and met some new friends!

PDV: Congratulations!!! It was more than a blessing to be a part of this event and a complete joy experiencing all the outstanding performances. Evan was awesome. Growing by leaps and bounds……

DIF: That was wonderful and joyful! Congratulations, you did an amazing job

RG: You rock your amazing gifts were everywhere tonight. Thank You for all you do. you surround yourself with talent and friendship. Bob Is Shining on You and Your family. Much love to you.

JS: Us and Them, Pink Floyd. Awesome!

KAMW: Wonderful night...such talented people!!!

PD: Peyote thrilling the crowd at Shepstock 2014-masterful renditions!!!!!

KH: I wanted a nice shot of the drums and this came out good! The drum kit looked and sounded fantastic!

SJ: Great show

WBD: …… Marty's on drums tonight... really quite good!

KFL: What an incredible, incredible performance. I could have gone home happy after Wish You Were Here, Songwriter, and Aqualung.

JB:  Last night's performance was AMAZING as usual ... for a great cause too ... all proceeds went to support Best Answer for Cancer Foundation for the late, great Bob Sheppard formerly a phenomenal dad and Atlantic Recording executive from NJ ... RIP. Great time. Your 12 year old son was an amazing performer last night too!

SB: A fun evening for a great cause! Fabulous music too!

KH: Memorable performance!

BA: I just wanted to say a very special thank you for an awesome evening…..I was there with my husband T… and we had an absolutely outrageous time! We will be coming to see your band play more often and promise to bring some friends along as well as promote you and spread the word that you guys Rock and guarantee a night of pure splendor! Thanks again! Peace!

SMW: – The show was great!

LM: You were all TERRIFFIC!!!!

EN: TPM Rocks n brings so many people together with their music!! God Bless Steve, you are a king amongst men!!

FSR: What a great show you guys out on! And what an AWESOME drum set!

DW: ….I'm so glad D…. & I made it to Shepstock. You guys are GOOD!!.....

SYZ: Very nice!

SB: Thank you for yet another great event! Really was a special evening and for a wonderful cause - Best Answer for Cancer Foundation.

PD: Its not to be missed..The sound men and system are top notch..Avid venues for both FOH and Monitor system. And the band Peyote is more than slick. A more than fitting tribute to Bob!!!

JR: Great Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull sets!

KFL: ......and Joan, you guys were absolutely fantastic!

LW: This was an awesome night for a great cause -the bands were incredible!! !!


RM: Shepstock 2013!!! Awesome music from Hawk, TPM and Peyote!!! Huge turnout for Answer to Cancer in memory of Bob Sheppard !!! Always in our hearts Bob!!

LY: Just a wonderful time! For a great cause and a great person!

AR: You guys were friggen awesome!!

RB: I anticipated a good time with old friends but I was blown away by the quality of the musical performances. My thanks to all the folks that put together this great event.

PP: Had a blast, great to see everyone again...

SB: Had an amazing time at Shepstock last night! Brought me back to a different place and time. Thank you Kathy Sheppard for organizing this wonderful event! Do we really have to wait another YEAR to see this again???

KTD: …what an amazing performance last night!

GV: ….I'm speechless what an awesome show last nite, my girlfriends from Colorado cannot stop talking about the performances. Thank U for a great nite to u & the rest of the performers!!!

MH: You sounded great last night, it was a great show!!!!

KCM: She (Joan Gardner) was great

SS: Joan Gardner = AMAZING TALENT!!!

ES: Most awesome, talented group of musicians for certain... THANK YOU for a truly rockin' great time. Bobby would have wanted to be there with you all on that stage - he will settle for our hearts…..

KFL: Great job, Marty! Your drum intro on "Time" was tremendous.
Peyote absolutely blew away the house with their faithful performance of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

LG: This had to be seen to be believed. The music was so great you can see people standing and trying to film it. Awesome!... And Comfortably Numb was off the charts!!

JDV: What a great night, remembering Bobby and see so many long time friends

JMX: Mr. Guarcello you are the consummate gentleman & musician! As always I had an enormously fantastic time -love you too! BTW: I'm from Guttenberg, LMFAO!

JM: Great nite. Looking forward to next year.

NS: Had a blast!


AA: A great show done by great people for a great cause. Honored to have been a part of it. Keep on rockin'

CWA: Definitely a great night filled with awesome, live performances shared with many great people! Can't wait to see everyone next year!!


SB: Evan's performance was fabulous! Amazing talent at such a young age.

JS: Great show, great musicians, a splendid time was had by all!!

KCM: Always a great time and always great to see old friends. The music was incredible, but the Pink Floyd songs were just phenomenal. And, yes Russell-you guys have a pretty good Guttenberg following and we may need our own shout out in the future....LMAO

BF: I had the GREATEST TIME Last night…., it was so awesome to see you and ALL the other folks from Hudson County.

DOJ: Thank you for including me in this wonderful event. I don't have the words to describe all the incredible musical moments. Truly felt something wonderful and took away a plethora of memories. All of you are amazing. 

CP: WOW. 36 years! That's a lot of accrued talent & LOVE. & you ALL were AMAZING.

SBC : Outstanding music, people and a moving tribute to a remarkable person, Bob Sheppard! Absolutely loved Evan's drumming and singing! A rising star!!!

LJ: I second that!

GGA: We were very impressed with the bands...your Dark Side of the Moon performance was awesome

JP: All the bands were fantastic Saturday night….everyone will be talking about that show for a long time

AR: You were absolutely amazing!!

JM: The Bands were amazing!!!

RPW: Great night!

PD: What a fabulous energy!!! Nothing like it!

BM: Show was outstanding, enjoyed it very much. The Pink Floyd set was so dam good. Job well done by all

ES: (@Joan) An amazing talent... .

KFL: A-f*ckin'-right it is! I had taped some of your drum intro on 'Time' and I listened to it just a little while ago. Man, did you nail it! I can't play drums, but I've listened to that cadence a thousand times if I've listened to it once, and it was solid. And whoever the woman was who did the vocals, she was incredible! The whole f*%$ng thing was unbelievable. And Steven and Geo on guitar were amazing. Nice drum sticks, btw...

CP: Yes Kevin..Marty Mandell is FIERCE! The entire ensemble was too! The incredible woman on vocals was Joan Gardner...Hope to see much more of her work too!

KFL: She was outstanding! Thanks for the name

LY: You Rocked

MM: Every song was spot on vocals guitar etc. Great to see George haven't heard him play since 70s

MNE: Incredible show the other night Steve! The band was super-tight and I loved the song selection. Too many highlights to list. My cousin Pat Hoban and I still can get over the vocal performance you gave on "Songwriter". You sounded like you were channeling Peppi on this one. Wow

KFL: I wholeheartedly agree! I'm looking for either Reason to Kill or Injun' Joe next

SBC: Superb drum solo! Bravo!

TK : Just listening to "Time" that just came on the radio and am reminded how much you guys NAILED IT last week--especially the drumming. Nice job! It was a real pleasure.


JM: Wow Kathy........'What an amazing show......two killer bands rocked the house......little Evan played his heart out.....many thanx for a most wonderful evening!!!

MP:   I thought it was beautiful.  It was great hearing you and Miles and Kathy and George play.  You sounded awesome.  When I realized where the opening pieces were headed--to Great Gig--it floored me.  Just wonderful...

JDV: great ROCK'N time Saturday night

AR: You did a great job on Saturday!

TK: Awesome job. I had no idea you guys were that good even in your heyday, much less 30 years later. Thanks for a fine evening.

EMGG: Had an amazing evening! Great music, awesome group of friends, good food...all together a perfect way to pay tribute to a man that was truly loved by so many...And also fundraising for a great cause...Great job!!! Thank You All

LY: Great time with great friends from the past. Thx for a GREAT!! Time

AR: It was great to see Peyote in action again!! Hawk and TPM sounded so frigged great!! Awesome tunage and a wonderful night!!

PD: It was an awesome event & I feel privileged to have been able to have been a part of it!!!

JS: It was a spectacular event! The bands were really terrific and of course Evan was the highlight of the night for me!!

YY: It was a wonderful evening of great music and amazing people.

JH: It was fantastic!

RAM: Awesome!!!!

DDB: @Joan- what an amazing voice!

AR: Amazing job last night Joan!! You and Kathy vocalizing for Great Gig in the Sky was awesome!!


JD: Hearing you sing was one of my favorite parts of the show! Very nice!

ES: @Joan-you 'rocked' --> fanta-bulous performance. LOVED it!

JM: Thank everyone so much for a most memorable evening!!! Both bands were awesome and the turnout and support of legions of people was overwhelming!!! Excellent job in pulling this gathering off.....'Smooth Operation'.......On All Counts!!! 

SA: You were SPECTACULAR!!!!

RV: Had a GREAT TIME!!. Please don't let a whole year go by! Before you do it again!

DS: I am so completely awe-struck at the remarkable talent of all the players and singers who were a part of this event.

ES: A.W.E.S.O.M.E., TRULY AWESOME... Such incredible talent!!! Thank for for a great evening, all for a worthy cause & in memory of a fantastic person... Our own Bobby Sheppard. THANK YOU ALL!!!

PDG: I had a great time. I only wish you would play more often!

JS: The show was the best!

MNE: Kathy - What an incredible night! Nice to talk with you. Seeing Peyote 30+ years later meant sooo much to me. Evan is amazing. You are amazing and Peyote is amazing. GOD Bless Bob. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

AA: Great people. Great time A fitting tribute to a great guy. Was proud to be a all part of it Rock on. Long live Peyote!

JM: The onstage chemistry between the dual singers and bands were tantalizingly entertaining!!!! Top prices on Broadway couldn't have provided more raw excitement!!! Musical talent Is God Given......'You either......have it.....or you don't have it? 'These folks had It......'IN ABUNDANCE'!!!!

JMM: This Kid (Evan) 'Was Awesome'..........Did Justice to Neil Young's Classic Number!!! ROCK ON!!!

KB: What a great night for a great cause!

TK: Great time last night. Such awesome music! Great also to see old friends!

DP: So glad I made it for Rocky Raccoon! The show was lovely!

DDB: That was a most incredible evening of some of the greatest music by such talented people for a wonderful cause! Thank you, Thank you, and thank you!

JM@DDB: Absolutely DDB, I couldn't agree with you and more.....two killer bands........thrilled us to the marrow for several hours......and that little Evan Sheppard.......'how cool...for a 13 year old to take the stage in that fashion!! What a Night

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